Our Sorrows was formed in Mount Dora, Florida late 2018 with only two initial members, Kyle Kendall (Guitar, Vocals) and Chris Tims (Vocals.) What were initially jam sessions eventually turned into talks of starting a project and reintroducing themselves to the music world. With a focus on their message that everybody is going through their own battles, whether mental, physical, or emotional they began writing their debut album "Anima//Animus." They would later bring in Austin Delancey (Bass) and Chris' brother Cameron Tims (Drums) to complete the 4-piece.

"Anima//Animus," released late 2019 would go on to be recorded at The Audio Compound with producers and engineers Andy Karpovck and Andrew Wade.

The introduction of COVID-19 to the world would stunt their plans to tour from mid to late 2020. During that time they would regroup and work on the follow-up to "Anima//Animus," a track they feel pushes their musical boundaries called 'Save Me.' Set to release in late 2020, they look to broaden their audience with a track they feel has a combination of everything they do well.